Our Response to COVID-19.

Due to the current global health situation, we have implanted drastic steps to ensure every order you place gets to your front door in a safe and timely manner.

A Safe Quarantined Warehouse

We've invested & work in a private warehouse equipped with an HVAC system to keep dangerous viruses and aerosols out. 

Our warehouse workers practice strict quarantine measures at work & home to keep the company healthy and operational for our customers.

Every Single Product Is Disinfected. 

When we receive inventory from our US suppliers, we immediately disinfect all items and stock them in a safe manner.

Our Commitment to Healthcare Workers and at Risk Groups 

Our company sources PPE in large quantities for hospitals around the country. We also proudly donate a portion of our products to homeless shelters and at risk elderly nursing homes.

If you're a hospital or clinic, we have large quantities of PPE available. Check out our wholesale section for more information.

If you're an at risk group with lack of funding and resources to protect yourself during this difficult time, consider reaching out to us to see if you qualify for a donation.

At Sani Packz, we're committed to stepping up when it matters most to our customers. For any questions or inquiries regarding your orders during Covid-19 please contact us.