Covid-19 Update 

    We've invested in ensuring our product shipping is not impacted by the currently global health crisis stemming from Covid-19. As a result, all orders will be sourced, packaged and shipped in a safe and timely manner with no disruptions. 

    When Will My Orders Ship?

    Orders will be processed and shipped out within 1-3 business days of ordering provided that the items are in stock

    What Are My Shipping Options? 

    We offer domestic shipping in the U.S. via UPS | USPS | FedEx

    Orders placed Monday-Friday during business hours can take 4-7 business days for delivery.

    Delivery may not be available to Hawaii, Alaska, or Puerto Rico for some products.

    How Do I Track My Orders? 

    Track your order HERE.

    In case the link above doesn't work, there are two (2) other ways to check the tracking information available for your package:

    1. In your Shipping Confirmation email, you'll receive a link to your tracking information. From there, you can monitor the shipment’s progress until the package is delivered to your door.
    2. Depending on the shipping method selected you may visit, or and enter the tracking number that was emailed to you directly on the carrier’s website.

    Store Returns Policy

      Our aim at Sani Packz is to prioritize these essentials products to Businesses and Organizations who need it most during these difficult times.
      All orders are filled in the order received.

      There are NO RETURNS OR REFUNDS on orders due to the nature of the product as we can not guarantee its safety once a customer has had the product. 

      Replacements will be sent if items are damaged in the shipping process.

      Why Is this Our Policy?
      If a customer decides to return a product, that means it isn't being used.
      - There is a global shortage, this didn't maximize resource utilization of society.
      - Now, we spend time processing returns instead of shipping more products.
      - Now we ship less products, products move back and forth the country in a truck.
      - We can't resell the return as we can't ensure its safety.

      We have limited resources as society right now.
      This return policy ensures Maximum efficiency of resources for all parties.